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Scientech Parts Description
The entire draft shield can be removed by simply removing 4 screws is a unique feature not found with most analytical balances on the market today.  All analytical balances are designed to operate with the draft shield since the slightest air movement can typically be sensed by these balances.  Sometimes in special weighing applications the glass draft shield may be removed and the balance is placed in a enclosed area or isolated weigh chamber.  Such applications may be for weighing silicon wafers where it is extremely difficult to place the wafer in a typically analytical balance with a standard draft shield.  Other application may be to weigh filters in environmental monitoring applications.
Scientech adjustable feet
Scientech (Series 10K) balances feature a special clamping screw that locks the balance suspension during shipping.  This screw must be loosened before the balance can be operated.  Scientech is the only balance manufacturer in the industry to design and incorporate such a feature to eliminate the possible of damaging the weighing mechanism in transit.

If the balance is ever shipped or moved long distances, the clamping screw should be retighten by turning the knob in the opposite direction until resistance is felt.

The Zeta Series (ZSA, ZSE & ZSP) due to the unique weighing sensor design special clamping screw.

All Scientech balances come equipped with adjustable front feet to level the balance. A bubble indicator is incorporated on the top of the balance to assist in leveling the balance.

special clamping screw prevent damage in transit
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